Strategic Intent
Insights for Building and Sustaining Brands



We are your customers’ advocates 

We design and execute custom research studies that bring your customers’ thoughts and actions to the forefront. By understanding their mindsets we help create the strategic advantage that leads to your success. 

As an independent research company we work through a network of partners and affiliates to offer a full suite of custom qualitative and quantitative techniques, both online and off line. 

We are methodologically agnostic

We are not wedded to a single research approach. Instead, we recommend any of a number of different techniques that are ideally suited to each client’s need. We conduct both qualitative (executive interviews, focus groups, triads, telephone interviews, etc.) and quantitative (telephone, online, paper & pencil, etc.) research. 

We bring exceptional research and extensive practical work experience to our clients’ challenges. Our team has over 50 collective years of research experience improving business performance for brands and corporations.


Increasingly we are asked to help shape and/or execute research internally or with customers. In some cases we even coordinate the insights process using customer license agreements with Survey Monkey, etc.
Our Purpose:

To enable clients to improve their impact in the marketplace.