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Millennial White Paper

There are many good reasons why business is interested in Millennials. As the population of young adults (born after 1980) comes to maturity their impact is increasingly being felt in how decisions are made at home and in the workplace. They are the most educated generation in history and they have grown up in a digital environment. It's no wonder their approach to life is challenging established norms. 

We note several key distinguishing observations. 

  • Millennials are suspicious. They are less trusting and less likely to believe news/claims without detailed proof and/or advice from demonstrated experts. 

  • Millennials are connected. The youngest among them use multiple forms of communications technologies (email, Facebook, IM/chat, Instagram, Snapchat,Tubler, others). They expect to be communicated with in the same ways.

  • Millennials care how their choices 'fit' in the world. As noted in a New York Times article "Millennial Searchers" (November 30, 2013) they yearn for the meaningful life that helps them "...feel connected to others, to work, to a life purpose and to the world itself."​

​As the last of this generation reaches adulthood (by 2020) they will have permanently shaped the social, political, economic and workplace environments. Can you afford to wait? 

Strategic Intent can help you better understand how to find your voice and better connect with this emerging generation.